Tombstone and Bisbee

Nestled in the hills of Southeastern Arizona pretty close to the Mexican border. Tombstone, known for its Wild West history. Exhibits at the Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park include a replica gallows. On historic Allen Street, the O.K. Corral outdoor theater re-enacts an 1881 cowboy gunfight. Resident ghosts are said to haunt the bullet-riddled Bird Cage Theatre. Outlaws are among the local townsfolk buried at the 1878 Boothill Cemetery.

Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp was an American Old West gambler, a deputy sheriff in Pima County, and deputy town marshal in Tombstone, who took part in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, during which lawmen killed three outlaw cowboys. The Dalton gang.

1500 Funeral car 031117 _DSC07543.jpg-07543
A Packard hearse beside the road at Boot Hill Tombstone
1500 Boothill Tombstone 031117 DSC07551-07551
Boot Hill at Tombstone
1500 Tombstone Stagecoach 031117 _DSC07556.jpg-07556
Stagecoach on Main Street, Tombstone, Arizona

The road to Tuscon across the Arizona’s Sonoran Desert surrounded by multiple mountain ranges, including the Santa Catalinas. The straightest road I’ve had the pleasure of driving.

1500 US80 Near Tucson 021117 DSC00404.jpg-00404
The road to Tucson

Bisbee, a city in Cochise County, Arizona, 92 miles southeast of Tucson and just south of Tombstone close to the Mexican border. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city was 5,575. The city is the county seat of Cochise County and has a historic area now booming with tourist attractions, old buildings, museum, silver mining histories, art galleries and antique shops.

1500 Bisbee Museum 031117 DSC07568-07568
Bisbee Museum, an old converted 19th century building.
1500 Bisbee 031117 DSC07567-07567
Bisbee Main Street

London Bridge – Arizona and Parker

The bridge has been here at Lake Havasu City, Arizona since 1971 and cost £3.2million, must have cost a fair few dollars to transport and re-assemble. The lighting is terrific and at sunrise it looks stunning.

1500 London Bridge 011117 _DSC07517.jpg-07517
London Bridge, Arizona just before sunrise
1500 London Bridge3 011117 _DSC07523.jpg-07523
London Bridge at sunrise

Parker dam at the southern most point of Lake Havasu, resorts and a golf course cling to the slopes leading down to the lake. It is the home of Bill Williams wildlife refuge amongst the islands and marshes that surround the lake here.

1500 Near Parker Dam 011117 _DSC07534.jpg-075341500 Near Parker Dam2 011117 _DSC00390.jpg-0039011500 Near Parker Dam 011117 _DSC07536.jpg-07536

USA 2017 and London Bridge

Arrived in Las Vegas yesterday 30/10/17 in the late afternoon. A tiring but good flight from Gatwick on Norwegian direct. Boarded the shuttle to the rental car centre around 30 mins after landing, must be a record, proceeded through immigration, luggage collection and second customs check with no delay or hassle. Collected the rental SUV, found I15 south and arrived at our hotel at Jean, Nevada around 6.00pm.

Today 31/10/17 left Jean south on the I.15 heading towards Los Angeles into California then back into Nevada along the Ripton Road heading east and south on the 95 entered Arizona at the Colorado River on US40. just where Route 66 meanders along between the States.  Started a trucking company with just the one truck see 3rd picture Tee-hee

Santa Fe railroad bridge over the Colorado
Santa Fe railroad bridge over the Colorado
1500 Route 66 Tower 311017 _DSC07498.jpg-07498
Route 66 water tower for the Santa Fe Railroad
1500 BG Trucking 311017 _DSC07485.jpg-07485
BG Trucking truck leaving the rest area on US95 south of Searchlight.

South to Lake Havasu City in Arizona primarily to see London Bridge and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s known as a base for trails in the nearby desert and water sports on Lake Havasu. London Bridge, which was painstakingly dismantled, transported to the City and rebuilt with in it’s present position, it links the mainland to marinas and a looped path in an area known as the Island. The Lake Havasu Museum of History documents Native American and steamboat history. Lake Havasu State Park has beaches with mountain views, plus picnic spots and a wildlife refuge. Took the ferry from below the bridge to a resort across the lake in California this evening, very little wind and a pleasant temperature of around 70*F.

1500 London Bridge Lake Havasu 311017 _DSC00377.jpg-00377
London Bridge at Lake Havasu City, Arizona
1500 London Bridge Lake Havasu 311017 _DSC07499.jpg-07499
London Bridge in all it’s glory
1500 Lake Havasu from Ferry 311017 _DSC07514.jpg-07514
Returning on the ferry to Lake Havasu City from California on the other side of the lake this evening.


New Website & Off to Yorkshire

The new website is up and running at last after quite a few months of testing The site includes all the usual links plus some new black and white images and a shop where you can select a shot or two for printing and hanging on your wall. The link is

So off to Yorkshire, apparently ‘Gods Own County’ will be uploading some smokestacks and dry walls for your enjoyment no doubt. Hopefully the sun will shine on us and it’s not even winter.


Give me shelter.. A beach view at Hove, East Sussex



A little late here with this blog so just a quick report will suffice but loads of photos. The Algarve, a wonderful area of Portugal especially if you stay away from the resorts and strips, unless of course you want to drink yourself into a stupor, get ripped off for food and drinks, want to be viewed as a ruby red/sore Brit oh!. and generally have a stonking time. Ahem! not for me…………

This trip was for just 6 days, that’s 5 nights a couple of rounds of golf and some pleasant food and company.  Just drive a few kilometres inland to any one of the hundreds of small villages and towns to find life as the locals live it. A slow pace with nice cafes and bars offering excellent food and drinks for a fraction of the cost paid at the resorts.

Fabulous scenery and quaint old buildings are in abundance, travel to the west coast anywhere around Carrapateira or Cordoama where the Atlantic Ocean rolls into the land spectacularly, secluded beaches, towering cliffs and friendly coves are a joy to behold. Not a vast number of tourists seem to journey here and those that do seem to be hikers, surfers and nature lovers.

Enjoy the photos…………………….

1500 Silves Street 2_DSCF03301500 Atlantic Coast 3 _DSCF03641500 Atlantic Coast Beach Excercise_DSCF03891500 Atlantic Coast 6 _DSCF03731500 Silves Restaurant_DSCF03421500 Lagos Painters Square_DSCF04491500 Atlantic Coast Boardwalk _DSCF03751500 Atlantic Coast Boardwalk _DSCF0376

A Winters Day

Yesterday was a pretty warm day in Sussex for late February. The day started with a temperature of 7*C. The land was shrouded in early morning mist, unusually it seemed to have no top to it as I ventured up Cissbury Ring and no clear sky or sunshine was in evidence. The mist cleared and the temperature rose around lunchtime allowing me to take to the countryside and start clicking.

The Road to Somewhere, well actually its between Fulking and Poynings at the back of the South Downs.
The Road to Somewhere, well actually its between Fulking and Poynings at the back of the South Downs.
The hill above Fulking looking towards the Dyke
The hill above Fulking looking towards the Dyke

Next, down to Worthing, a stroll along the promenade and onto the Pier to observe and capture the natives. Fairly bright light but the wind/breeze was still a bit chilly.

A bit of fun and frolics on the beach near the pier.
A bit of fun and frolics on the beach near the pier.
Worthing Dome and two of the locals.
Worthing Dome and two of the locals.



A Few More Images – USA 2016

Just getting down to sorting out the vast amount of photo’s taken on the trip to the South Western States of the USA. I have discovered a few gems that I missed when uploading from the hotel room after a day’s travelling and cavorting about with the camera’s. Easily done as sometimes having to balance the laptop on strange surfaces and use very slow  and unpredictable wifi services.

Out in the Desert at sundown – White Sands, New Mexico

Silver City, New Mexico – The valley that is now the site of Silver City once served as an Apache campsite. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the area became known for its copper mining. After the American Civil War, a settlement developed and became known as la Ciénega de San Vicente (the Marsh of St. Vincent).

At Butterworth on the road to Silver City, New Mexico

Sentinel Peak (Arizona) Sentinel Peak is a 2,897 ft (883 m) peak in the Tucson Mountains southwest of downtown Tucson, Arizona. The valley’s first inhabitants grew crops at the mountain’s base, along the Santa Cruz River. … The peak is part of a 272-acre park, the largest natural resource park in the City of Tucson.

Tucson, Arizona from halfway up Sentinel Peak, a Native Indian watching and signalling point.