Photography – The Capture of a Moment in Time

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1800 Fishing off the Harbour Arm 2 150719 DSC00154
Detail of fishermen and turbines from across the harbour entrance
1800 Fishing off the Harbour Arm 3 150719 DSC00159
Fishing off the harbour arm
1800 Kingston Buci Beach 150719 DSC00156
From Kingston Buci Beach
1800 Old Kissimmee 231118_DSF6851
Old Kissimmee, Florida
1800 Naples Beach 1 181118_DSF6759
Naples Beach, Florida
Death Valley from Dante’s View
Camp Verde Trading Post, Arizona. This place encapsulates the history of the area.
1500 Funeral car 031117 _DSC07543.jpg-07543
A Packard hearse beside the road at Boot Hill Tombstone
1800 The Chrysler Building 081118_DSF6535
Chrysler Building, New York.
1800 Three Horses and a Church 251218 DSCF7002
Peaceful scene on the downs at Clapham, West Sussex – Christmas morning.
Stormy Sea 180918_DSC0519
Long Exposure – Rottingdean, East Sussex.
Silver City, New Mexico
1500 Autumn in Green Park 161017_DSC00165.jpg (1 of 1)
Green Park, London
1800 West Pier Long Ex 2017 DSC07993
The West Pier Remains
1500 Yorkshire Dales 100817_DSC07214.jpg (1 of 1)
Yorkshire Dales
1800 911 Memorial Pool 081118_DSF6469
Manhattan Skyline 8mm
1500 Lake Havasu from Ferry 311017 _DSC07514.jpg-07514
Returning on the ferry to Havasu City from California on the other side of the lake.
1500 West Pier 290817_DSCF0261.jpg (1 of 1)
Brighton Beach
1800 Brighton Pier LongEx 241117_DSC07999
Brighton Pier
Walking on Water 1800_MKH6904
Skitish Coots on Lake Taho – Florida
1039 Little Colorado River Canyon AZ64 (1 of 1).
1039 Little Colorado River Canyon
Egret Flight BG1_2120
A Great White Egret with breeding plumage over St Augustine, Florida
1022 Zion Utah 1 A7R (1 of 1)
1022 Zion Utah
1800 Kissimmee Tracks BW 221118_DSF6835
Kissimmee – Florida
1800 Dog and Ball 201218 DSCF0259
Dog having a wail of a time in Portsmouth.
Page, Arizona – Some of the balloons along the road towards Kayenta looking towards Lake Powell
1800 WTO with 8mm Fisheye 081118_DSF6449
Bonefish Building, Ground Zero, New York
1500 Landscape at Salton Sea 3 131117_DSC07845.jpg (1 of 1)
The Salten Sea, California
xx Grand Canyon Sunrise 2_DSC6701
Grand Canyon at Dawn
1500 Yorkshire Church 100817_DSC07170.jpg (1 of 1)
Yorkshire Church.
1500 British Musuem 200618_DSC04071.jpg (1 of 1)
British Museum – Colour
1075 Thunderbird A7R  (1 of 1)
Ford Thunderbird, Kissimmee, Florida
1800 Houses of Parliament 3 at Night
Westminster Bridge at night.
x The Tide Came In
A wet bike – Bosham Harbour
1500 Valley of Fire 2 191117_DSC00633-00633
A landscape from another world at the Valley of Fire, Nevada
1500 Gray Whale breach 2 070318_DSF2877
Grey Whale diving, California
1500 British Museum 200618_DSC04070.jpg (1 of 1)
British Museum, London
Near the entrance to the supposed Lost Dutchman Mine.
1500 London Bridge 011117 _DSC07517.jpg-07517
London Bridge, Arizona just before sunrise
1800 Happiness 241118_DSF6864
Cafe in Brooksville, Florida
1500 Silves Street 2_DSCF0330
Portuguese Village Life
1038b Horseshoe Bend Arizona A7R  (1 of 1)
1038b Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
x Daytona_DSC0720
Coke 400 at Daytona….What a great race.
1035 Zion Utah Route Out Portrait 11 A7R (1 of 1)
1035 Zion Utah Route Out Portrait 11
1500 Atlantic Coast Beach Excercise_DSCF0389
Portugal – Exercising on the beach
1800 All aboard the Ferry BW 081118_DSF6477
Onto the Staten Island Ferry, New York.
x Crested Crane 2 1800_DSC0403
West African Crested Crane
1044 Grand Canyon at Dawn 2 A7R (1 of 1)
1044 Grand Canyon at Dawn
An evening walk in the heart of the desert, White Sands, New Mexico.
1500 Looking out to sea 280518
Out to Sea – Worthing, East Sussex.
1500 2 Horses BW 310717_DSC07051.jpg (1 of 1)
Two Horses – Edburton nr. Brighton
1800Brighton Mods 2 250818_DSC0262
Mods on Brighton Seafront
1800 Early Spring on the Downs 130419 DSC09356
Just outside Clapham Village on the way to Patching – An evening saunter.
xx Chichester Cathedral Landscape
Chichester Cathedral.
Fun at Somerset House 010818_DSF5708
Somerset House, London
1800 Heron in flight 191118_DSF6782
Fleeing Heron
New Mexico – Wild Grasses in the Desert
1500 Worthing Pier BW 280817_DSCF0244.jpg (1 of 1)
Worthing Pier
1500 Bridge over Lake Roosevelt 091117_DSC07733.jpg (1 of 1)
Roosevelt Bridge, Arizona
1050 Lake Watson 4 Prescott A7R (1 of 1)
1050 Lake Watson, Prescott, Arizona
1500 Lagos Painters Square_DSCF0449
Silves – Portugal
1500 Apache Lake Steps 091117 DSC07729.jpg-07729
Steps to viewing point off the highway.
1036 Zion Utah Route Out Landscape 12 A7R (1 of 1)
1036 Zion, Utah Route Out Landscape
1500 Tombstone Stagecoach 031117 _DSC07556.jpg-07556
Stagecoach on Main Street, Tombstone, Arizona
1500 Gloriosa Daisies 130917_DSC07407.jpg (1 of 1)
Gloriosa and Chichester Cathedral
1500 Bishops Garden 130917_DSC07397.jpg (1 of 1)
Chichester Cathedral and Bishops Garden
1500 Bognor Seafront BW 250717_DSC06970.jpg (1 of 1)
Bognor Regis Seafront
The Setting for ‘Stagecoach’ Monument Valley Wow!
xx crabbing bw
Crabbing at Bosham
1500 Atlantic Coast Boardwalk _DSCF0375
Portugal – Atlantic Coast
1500 Gas Station Yucca NV 160318_DSF3361
Hillbilly gas station at Yucca near Kingman Arizona
River Arun Footbridge
A contrasty image of a dog walker crossing the river Arun and the tranquil river meandering down towards Arundel
The hill above Fulking looking towards the Dyke
1500 Atlantic Coast 6 _DSCF0373
Portugal, Atlantic Coast
1500 Seaford Seafornt 150618_DSF5073.jpg (1 of 1)
Seaford, Est Sussex, towards the head.
x Egrets 1
Couldn’t you get a bigger one. This’ll take all day numbnuts!
Monument Valley, Aizona. No chuck wagon in this scene
White Sand – New Mexico.
1500 Poynings Door 030817_DSC07120.jpg (1 of 1)
Poynings – Door in the cemetery, East Sussex
Our new friends – Ibis on the banks of the Caloosahatchee
1500 Gents at Tortilla Flat 091117 DSC07695.jpg-07695
The Gens at Tortilla Flats, Arizona. Posters and graphics on the walls of the Gents
1500 Antique Shop Window BW 260917_DSC00462.jpg (1 of 1)
A window display
Goodwood Sunrise
Sunrise at Goodwood Racecourse
1500 British Museum Tired Legs 200618_DSC04097.jpg (1 of 1)
Tired Legs – British Museum, London
Out in the Desert at sundown – White Sands, New Mexico
xx The Painter
Chichester Painter
1500 Fleeing Pheasant 140518_DSF3845.jpg (1 of 1)
1500 West Pier Murmuration 011217 DSC08121
West Pier, Brighton at sunset
1800 Manhatten Skyline 3 081118_DSF6518
Manhattan, New York
Storks and Branch 1800_DSC00830-2.jpg (1 of 1)
Wood Storks at St Augustine, with a rather large branch to use as nesting material.

©Barry Goble

Please feel free to comment on any of these images. All of these photos are available as signed A3 or A4 prints, ready to mount and frame.


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