Road to the Grand Canyon

We Left Lake Havasu City yet again at around 08:30, today en-route to Las Vegas and return to dear old Blighty. Decided to take the backroads this time, that’s to Kingman, AZ then to Dolan Springs, Lake Mead and finally Henderson on the outskirts of Las Vegas. We had seen signs to the Grand Canyon on interstate 40 around Kingman stating it was 200 miles ahead. That, of course is to the South Rim and National Park. If you instead go via Dolan Springs the road leads to the Skywalk and various tours. The road is interesting enough for most though.

1500 Grand Canyon West Ent 180318_DSF3402
The road to the Grand Canyon from Dolan Springs
1500 Wigwam in the snow 180318_DSF3404
Snow and a Wigwam
1500 Grand Canyon West 2 180318_DSF3418
The edge of the Grand Canyon from afar.
1500 Grand Canyon 2 180318_DSF3415
Snow and the Grand Canyon Escarpments
1500 Joshua Tree Forest 180318_DSF3422
The Joshua Tree Forest


Nipton – California

Nipton – Gateway to the Mojave National Preserve. An historic Mojave Desert town having its roots in the nineteenth century mining and ranching industries of the western United States and is located on the northern boundary of Mojave National Preserve.

There’s … A stage coach line from Searchlight, Nevada, it was established to carry passengers and freight to the town and the railhead. … Post Office records for the period of 1907 – 1909 show a S.D. Karns as the Postmaster in Nipton.

1500 Nipton Plaque 170318_DSF3385
The history of Nipton is on the plaque. Joshua trees and railhead show here
1500 Nipton Plaque Enlarged_DSF3386
The history of Nipton, California
Hotel California 180318_DSF3388
No this isn’t the ‘Hotel California’ featured in the Eagles song……but it could have been
and part of the
Nipton railroad and solar farm in the distance

A Bit of Arizona

From Lake Havasu City Arizona to just below Boulder City Nevada. A journey of around 150 miles through some rugged high desert country to the staggeringly beautiful mountain scenes of southern Nevada.

1500 Joshua Tree 170318_DSF3379
Joshua tree and arid high desert landscape
1500 Gas Station Yucca NV 160318_DSF3361
Hillbilly gas station at Yucca near Kingman Arizona
1500 Old Trucks 160318_DSF3367
Some old trucks stored outside in the desert of Arizona

Lake Mead a lake on the Colorado River, about 24 miles southeast of the city of Las Vegas. It is the largest reservoir in the United States in terms of water capacity and located in Mohave County, Arizona and Clark County, Nevada.

1500 Lake Meade NV 1 160318_DSF3378
The lower Colorado river that runs into Lake Mead. From US93 and the recreation area
Having fun at the Imperial Dunes 090318_DSF3019
Having fun at the Imperial dunes near Yuma AZ. close to the the border with Mexico