Old Town and Main Street

A wander through Old Town Kissimmee, then along Main Street and finally the sidewalk by Lake Toho. The majority of tourists visit this area in order to visit the theme parks in Orlando and of course for the weather. This is the sunshine state after all. If you look carefully there is a lot more to this area than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The City of Kissimmee was originally a small trading post on the northern bank of Lake Tohopekaliga known as the community of Allendale. After the Civil War, this area was included in a purchase of four million acres of marshland and plains by Hamilton Disston.

1800 Old Town Shootin 030220_DSF1736
The shootin range at Old Town, Kissimmee
1800 Kissimmee Mural 030220_DSF1704
An intriguing wall mural in Kissimmee
1800 Main Street BW 030220_DSF1700
Along Main Street, Downtown, Kissimmee

We usually pop in at the Cuban coffee shop on Main Street. The Cuban proprietors have got to know us over the years and a welcome hug is always nice. Just a coffee for me today, I fancied a wedge slice of the home made banana bread but it was to soon after breakfast.

1800 Cuban Coffee 030220_DSF1699
In the Cuban coffee shop on Main Street

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Photography - The Capture of Moments Gone By.......... I studied photography way back in the 1970’s. We used film camera’s and digital was not even on the horizon. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. To photograph special moments in time and translate them into art without feeling the need to over-process. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill and patience needed to capture it…

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