Nature and Florida

Although the Osceola District Schools Environmental Study Centre is only open to the public on weekends, its trails provide an up-close look at more than a dozen old growth cypresses and wildlife along Reedy Creek. With its headwaters in what is now Walt Disney World, Reedy Creek flows sluggishly southward through cypress swamps into pristine Lake Russell, and is one of the northernmost sources of water for the Everglades.

The most obvious of the park’s three short trails is the 0.5-mile long boardwalk starting at the parking lot. Don’t miss this trail, as it provides your best opportunity for wildlife watching. Here are a few images from today, Sunday 02/02/2020 following my walk along the boardwalk.

1800 Cypress Swamp Ponciana 020220_DSF1691
In the Cypress Swamp, a unique habitat and landscape
1800 1000 Ibis in Trees 020220_DSF1687
Must be a 1000 odd Ibis in the tree’s – Wow!
1800 Osceola Environmental Boardwalk 020220_DSF1681
The boardwalk
1800 Chewed Leaf 020220_DSF1679
A rather badly chewed leaf….
1800 1000 Ibis and Alligator 020220_DSF1689
An Alligator and a few Ibis

Lake Tohopekaliga Tohopeka; Tohopekaliga [from tohopke /to-hó:pk-i/ fence, fort + likv /léyk-a/ site], also referred to as Lake Toho, West Lake, or simply Toho, native name meaning “we will gather together here”, is the largest lake in Osceola County, Florida.

1800 Lake Toho Kissimmee 020220_DSF1675
Lake Toho through the open restaurant.
1800 Squirrel 020220_DSF1668
A squirrel busy collecting by Lake Toho
1800 Lake Toho Covered Jetty 020220_DSF1673
Lake Toho covered jetty and relaxation area

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Photography - The Capture of Moments Gone By.......... I studied photography way back in the 1970’s. We used film camera’s and digital was not even on the horizon. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. To photograph special moments in time and translate them into art without feeling the need to over-process. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill and patience needed to capture it…

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