A Quail & Zion Landscapes at Sunrise

This little chap was scurrying around below the feeders at the Sonny Bono wildlife refuge in Southern California. The California quail, also known as the valley quail, is a small ground-dwelling bird of the New World quail family. These birds have a curving crest or plume, made of six feathers, that droops forward: black in males and brown in females; the flanks are brown with white streaks.

1800 Californian Quail 210120_DSF1226
A California Quail at the Sonny Bono Wildlife Refuge

Zion – Very cold at the canyons this morning, a beautiful sunrise but hidden behind the towering canyon walls on the park roads and lower viewpoints. I wasn’t really dressed for the cold but managed to take a few photo’s at strategic points in the park. Landscapes from the road back to St. George just as impressive although not easy to stop on the narrow road with passing places

1800 Zion at Sunrise 250120_DSF1416
Sunrise on the canyon walls at Zion
1800 Zion at Sunrise 2 250120_DSF1421
The towering canyon walls at Zion National Park
1800 Zion Stream 1 250120_DSF1445
The creek running along the base of the canyon
1800 Zion Stream 2 250120_DSF1438
Another long exposure of the creek at the canyon base
1800 Utah Mountains 250120_DSF1455
The snow capped mountains from along the road to Hurricane Utah.
1800 Near Hurricane and Zion 250120_DSF1454
Indian country landscape


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Photography - The Capture of Moments Gone By.......... I studied photography way back in the 1970’s. We used film camera’s and digital was not even on the horizon. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. To photograph special moments in time and translate them into art without feeling the need to over-process. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill and patience needed to capture it…

2 thoughts on “A Quail & Zion Landscapes at Sunrise

    1. Yes, all those epic John Ford films like Wagontrain from 1957 etc… no haven’t seen any rattlers but there are plenty of beware signs about in public places. Thanks for the comment, Barry


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