Mesa and the Lost Dutchman

Mesa a sprawling suburb and city of Phoenix Arizona. Main St. runs from Tempe in the west to Apache Junction and the Apache Trail in the east, a distance of around 10 miles. A tram system operates for a short proportion of the street and shares the space with local buses, cars and cyclists. We travelled the length from our hostelry in order to drive the Apache trail and visit the Lost Dutchman and Borderland ghost town. Mesa Grande Cultural Park is home to a giant, centuries-old ceremonial mound, and artifacts of the ancient Hohokam people.

1800 Main St Mesa 190120_DSF1146
Main Street Mesa at dawn
1800 Canyon Lake 190120_DSF1155
Canyon Lake on the Apache Trail

Goldfield ghost town along the North Apache Trail just past the Lost Dutchman Mine, a bit of a tourist hub but actually seemingly quite realistic in it’s attempts to portray the history of the wild west in this area.  Wikopedia : Reconstructed 1890s town including gold-mine tours, Old West gunfights, a history museum & more. Still it’s an interesting place to explore and a visit to the saloon is a must.

1800 Borderlands Bordello 1 190120_DSF1175
A reconstructed Bordello from the 1890’s
1800 Borderlands Saloon 190120_DSF1174
The Goldfield Saloon – a rough, ready and just a bit seedy establishment.
1800 Badwater Springs 190120_DSF1170
Bad Water Springs – I love the ‘BUTTS’ receptacle
1800 Lost Dutchman Mine Stuff 190120_DSF1165
Old mining equipment looking a bit worse for wear.
1800 Rodeo Beer 190120_DSF1186
Inside the Saloon by the stairs to the first floor
1800 Through the Saloon Window 190120_DSF1179
Through the first floor window of the saloon
1800 Bordello thru the Saloon Window 190120_DSF1180
Keeping an eye on the bordello from the saloon windows.

The Apache Trail flea market, a place to wander on a Sunday morning to see the unusual. Caged canaries, great sign written vans, dogs being pampered and of course all manner of used stuff, crap and antiques for sale.

1800 Flea Market Van 190120_DSF1150
I love the graphics and Rolls Royce plate of this van at the Mesa fleamarket.
1800 Dog Day BW 190120_DSF1151
This is the life – Apache Trail Flea Market proprietor.

See more images that didn’t make the blog by going to the link ‘USA Trip 2020’ and clicking any image to enlarge.


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