Nevada and the Mohave

An interesting stay at Whiskey Pete’s casino and hotel situated at Primm, Nevada near the Californian border. This place looks pretty Disney from the outside, and sure is glitzy, however, the rooms are generous and the service is second to none, so for the money it’s great value. Upon entering the main building and in order to reach the registration desk you have to negotiate rows of all singing and flashing slot machines trying to entice the dollars out of your pockets. Yep! they had a couple of mine…………….

1800 Primm Signage 120120_DSF0897
Whiskey Pete’s striking entrance signage
1800 Buffalo Bills Sign Primm 120120_DSF0893
Buffalo Bills across the I15 from Whiskey Pete’s
1800 Interstate 15 South at Primm 120120_DSF0898
The junction at Primm, Nevada
1800 Whiskey Petes Outside Wall 2 120120_DSF0902
Photo’s on the external walls at Whiskey Pete’s
1800 Whiskey Petes Outside wall 120120_DSF0904
Outside Whiskey Pete’s Casino and Hotel

The Mohave desert, California, an arid rain-shadow desert and the driest desert in North America. It is in the North American Southwest, primarily within southeastern California and southern Nevada, and it occupies 47,877 sq mi. Small areas also extend into Utah and Arizona. Our trip from Primm to LA primarily along interstate 15 took in some of the most stunning of desert landscapes, if you make the effort to drive off the beaten track ie. come off the interstate and travel some of the minor roads and tracks it is amazing what you can see.

Mohave salt lake 130120_DSF0951
Mohave salt lake landscape

1800 Mohave salt lake bed 130120_DSF0972


1800 Salt lake California 1 130120_DSF0955

1800 Mohave Posts 130120_DSF0941

1800 Mohave lake bed 130120_DSF0977

1800 Mohave Desert Landscape 130120_DSF0970
Salt Lake reeds and mountains in the Mohave near Baker, California.

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Photography - The Capture of Moments Gone By.......... I studied photography way back in the 1970’s. We used film camera’s and digital was not even on the horizon. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. To photograph special moments in time and translate them into art without feeling the need to over-process. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill and patience needed to capture it…

4 thoughts on “Nevada and the Mohave

    1. This part of the States is a bit chilly (eat your heart out)! Reuben…. Southern California today a cool but sunny 64*
      off to Arizona tomorrow and more rough out west landscapes….Yippee!


  1. HI Big Boy

    This looks like the beginning of a fabulous vacation. I absolutely love the images you’ve posted. This is the America I love. Keep them coming.


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