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The West Pier, Brighton. Was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1866. It was the first pier to be Grade I listed in Britain but has become increasingly derelict since its closure in 1975. Here it is today, a sad and sorry site for sore eye’s. The i360 has been built where the pier entrance used to be.

A poem by Catherine Mansfield  – The Opal Dream Cave

In an opal dream cave I found a fairy: Her wings were frailer than flower petals – Frailer far than snowflakes. She was not frightened, but poised on my finger, Then delicately walked into my hand. I shut the two palms of my hands together And held her prisoner. I carried her out of the opal cave, Then opened my hands. First she became thistledown, Then a mote in a sunbeam, Then – nothing at all. – Empty now is my opal dream cave.




Published by barrygoble

Photography - The Capture of Moments Gone By.......... I studied photography way back in the 1970’s. We used film camera’s and digital was not even on the horizon. Since then I’ve learned to appreciate the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. To photograph special moments in time and translate them into art without feeling the need to over-process. A great image is great because of the moment it captures and the skill and patience needed to capture it…

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