Tadpoles and Bird Baths

I have been back from the winter warmth and sunshine of Florida for just about 2 weeks. We had a few very warm days here a week or so back and I even mowed the grass, but now it’s descended back to late winter with chilly winds and drizzly rain.  A visit to Brighton’s Rock Gardens yesterday proved well worthwhile. Even though it was overcast, the wildlife was busy multiplying and preening as if in anticipation of the beginning of spring.

I discovered a few extra images of the newly hatched egrets from Gatorland in Florida and rather than edit the previous post they are displayed here together with tadpoles and a chaffinch.

Go to the Image Gallery and Click on any of these images to view a full page enlargement.

1800 Thousands of Tadpoles 080419 DSC04726
A pond crammed full of Tadpoles
1800 Frog below the water 080419 DSC04722
A frog just below the waters surface.
1800 Tadpoles 080419 DSC04728
Tadpoles in the pond at the Rock Gardens


1800 Chaffinch having a bath 080419 DSC04738
A chaffinch having a bath in a small pool by the waterfall.
1800 Chaffinch 080419 DSC04744
Another image of the chaffinch having a cleanup and splash about.
1800 New Chick 220319 DSC04135
Anyone got a comb or a brush!
1800 Welcome Chick 220319 DSC04131
Welcome to the World……….