Hello World

It was my privilege to be present today at Gatorland in Kissimmee when at the breeding marshes two egrets hatched in front of our eyes. Mother was very attentive and cleaned up by throwing out the empty eggs almost immediately and by supplying food in the form of an oversized fish for the kids. We couldn’t get to close and finding a decent angle to take photographs wasn’t that easy as she kept sitting down on them and twigs from the nest build were in the way of getting clean shots without being a contortionist..

Here a few images to savour with more to follow.

1800 Egret 1 Day Chick 1 220319 DSC04244
It’s my birthday I’m one day old and my new brother/sister is just below
1800 Egret Day 1 Chick 2 220319 DSC04210
Hello world this is Mum’s beak and some grub.
1800 Egret 1 Day Old Chick 3 220319 DSC03902
I need a haircut already!
1800 Egret Chicks 1 220319 DSC04273
These two chicks are a little older.
1800 Egret Chick 4 220319 DSC03884
I’m really enjoying my day!
1800 Egret Chick 5 220319 DSC04027
I’ll be flying about soon………….

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