Spoonbill Antics

It’s intriguing to watch Roseate Spoonbills in the trees and on the ground at the rookery in St.Augustine. The juveniles zoom about the place squabbling and playing at let’s try to avoid being devoured by a big ugly old alligator or gathering oversized sticks for a play nest. I imagine those bills are pretty dangerous weapons if you happen to get bashed at one the many melee’s.

The rookery is alive with egrets, herons, wood storks and roseate spoonbills building nests, courting, squabbling over space and of course mating.

1800 Acrobatic Egret 190319 DSC03443
An egret with the brakes on!
1800 Spoonbill take that 190319 DSC03247
Take that! I love the spoonbill seeming to be laughing and looking at the camera.
1800 Spoonbill and Branch 190319 DSC03465
I’ve got stick for a bit of bashing!
1800 Spoonbill lineup 190319 DSC03297
All together! it’s thirsty work this rushing about lark
1800 Spoonbills Feeding 190319 DSC03293
Calm before the storm.
1800 Two in Flight 190319 DSC03430
So it’s a race you want then………..
1800 Spoonbills and Alligator 190319 DSC03303
An Alligator and 5 Spoonbills

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