Rookery at St.Augustine

Just a few of the images taken today at the Alligator farm and rookery on Anastasia Island St.Augustine. A great opportunity to see old friends and meet new. I’ve been popping in here for quite a few years and it never seems to change. A place where a large number of heavyweight photographers prowl the boardwalks looking for that elusive shot. Armed with massive camera systems and expensive tripod heads that they lug around from one shooting  position to another. The sound of shutters actuating at great speed, sounding like machine guns with mufflers fitted fill the air. They haven’t invested in newer camera’s with the latest technology  including silent shutter settings yet or mirrorless with fixed professional quality lenses to reduce the weight. It’s still the realm of the bigger your kit is the better it is and of course it’s a status symbol to boot.

1800 The breeding tree 180319 DSC03140
The tree where most of the action takes place!
1800 Egret and Stick 180319 DSC03083
Arriving with a branch for the nest
1800 Undercarriage Down 180319 DSC03007
Undercarriage down for landing
1800 Galapagos Tortoise 180319 DSC03052
What’s going on, I was just having a nap!
1800 Alligator 1 DSC03081
I’m hungry again………..
1800 Spoonbill 2 180319 DSC03092
Roseate Spoonbill with an attitude.
1800 Egret 2 180319 DSC02994
So, where on earth have you been ?

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