Birds and Wildlife – Episode 1

Anyone who visits coastal Florida or the lakes and rivers, or the great Everglades wetlands, is sure to see a rich variety of birdlife. Not to forget the American alligator, sometimes referred to colloquially as a gator, a large crocodilian reptile endemic to the southeastern United States.

1800 Alligator on Toho 160319 DSC02922

These are just a few images from around Lake Tohopekaliga today. The weather, warm but a little overcast with ideal light for outdoor detail photography.

1800 Chick Crackle Kissimmee 160319 DSC02927
A young Crackle waiting to be fed
1800 Alligator Close on Toho 2 160319 DSC02920
Closeup of an alligator
1800 Alligator Closup 2 160318 DSC02914
Alligator scales and eyes
1800 Lake Toho Fishing Jetty 160319 DSC02925
Looking out over Lake Toho
1800 Bird 1 Kissimmee 170319 DSC02937
An unusual wading bird
1800 Birds at Kissimmee 170319 DSC02951
Anahinga and a Crackle having a bath
1800 Limpkin 170319 DSC02944
Limpkin modelling for a portrait
1800 Redwing 170319 DSC02947
Redwing in full song….tweet-tweet

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