It’s that time of Year again!

Bah-humbug, a descriptive term that has become more prevalent in describing someone who just doesn’t like Christmas. It’s not that one dislikes it really or is tight, ie. not spendthrift but I think a term to describe someone who’s just got bored with the commercial, shove it in your face mentality of the retail traders. Advertising and store promotions seem to begin earlier every year. Starting late September or early October is not unusual and by the time December arrives, well some of us are just fed up with it.

In my opinion, a good walk in the country air re-stimulates the brain and helps to put things into perspective. It definitely brings me back to earth with a bump following the media bombardment. Here are a couple of images taken just before and on Christmas day.

1800 Dog and Ball 201218 DSCF0259
Dog having a wail of a time in Portsmouth last week
1800 Three Horses and a Church 251218 DSCF7002
Peaceful scene on the downs at Clapham – Christmas morning.