New York – Amazing

Set out sprightly at 6.30am this morning to visit the sites and buildings earmarked for special attention. Off down and onto the subway system beginning at the junction of 7th and West 23rd on the (1) towards the ferry. First port of call the new World Trade Centre and the 911 memorial (Ground Zero) no words to explain this iconic place.

A quick stop for breakfast at a diner close by and on to the Staten Island Ferry terminal to catch the free yes free ferry to the island, passing the Statue of Liberty and seeing the New York skyline from the water. Back to the ferry terminal then along the riverside to the Brooklyn Bridge stopping at a few historic ships on the way and refusing offers of countless harbour/city tours.

A bit of a walk towards City Hall and onto the Subway again this time on an express towards the Bronx but alighting at 42nd Street and the iconic Grand Central Station concourse. The Chrysler building is on this street affording a nice cityscape together with a relaxing stroll in Grand Central. Finally, a 15 block walk down Fifth Avenue, stopping for coffee and a bagel to the Flatiron building.

Here a few reduced images from today, just click on to enlarge – enjoy.

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