New York….yawn

Arrived at JFK this afternoon after a tiring but very good flight from Gatwick. Travel arrangements worked like clockwork, boarded the airtrain at Terminal 1 to Jamaica Station then onto the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) to Penn Station on 7th Avenue. Haven’t had time to explore yet as we are bushed but just been for a stroll down 7th Avenue from 30th to 21st and had a nice meal at an Italian. Full day of exploring here tomorrow before the 13 hour Amtrak journey down to the Carolina’s and Charlotte.

Here are a couple of quickie shot’s from this afternoon.

1800 Jamaica Station NY 071118_DSF6432
Jamaica Station on the LIRR Platform 1 to Penn
1800 Airtrain from JFK 071118_DSF6433
On the train to Penn
1800 7th Avenue 071118_DSF6436
7th Avenue New York
1800_DSF67th Avenue Italian 071118 440
Inside the Italian Restaurant (Nice house red and original pasta dishes)

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