The Mohave Desert

Still hanging around in this area of California. The Mohave Desert has cast some sort of spell over me. I can’t get enough of the place for some strange reason, it’s arid and barren with some unusual plants and cacti including the Joshua Tree, it’s hot and dusty yet strangely beautiful.

This vast desert which straddles 3 states, namely, California, Arizona and Nevada has a bewitching effect on many who travel through it. Travellers pitch tents, build shacks and homes in odd places, leave personal objects, mainly old trainers and shoes or names spelt out with stones seemingly to prove they been there.

1500 Shoes and Train 150318_DSF3332
Hanging shoes and railway wagons in the Mohave desert.
1500 Mohave Desert full on TV 150318_DSF3334
Abandoned tv and a desert view
Mohave Desert and the 62 150318_DSF3309
State road 62 through the Mohave
1500Hanging Shoes 150318_DSF3317
The momento’s left behind in the Mohave desert.
1500 Shoes 150318_DSF3315
Wreck of an old gas station



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