Bluebells- A bit boring huh!

1800 Bluebells 290419 DSC04805
Pretty Bluebells

Hyacinthoides is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asparagaceae, known as Bluebells. Bees can ‘steal’ nectar from bluebells by biting a hole in the bottom of the bell, taking the nectar without pollinating the flower. A bit mean really!

Here are some images that buck the boring trend………….You will find these images at the bottom of the ‘Image Gallery’ just click on them to enlarge.

1800 Bluebells and Stream 280419 DSC04786
Bluebells in the wood with stream and reflection – maybe!
1800 Bluebell Collage 280419 DSC04788
A Collage of Bluebell Shots.
1800 Bluebells Pixel Shift 280419 DSC04800
A Grainy Effort, sort of 3D!


Sussex Countryside

Here are a few Images taken just before and over the Easter holiday. The weather has been unusually mild and sunny so a good opportunity to venture out with the photographic equipment before normal reception is resumed. You will find these images at the bottom of the ‘Image Gallery’ just click on them to enlarge.

1800 From Steyning Hill North 2 220419 DSC09403
Halfway up the hill from Steyning looking west at the blossoming countryside in the sun
1800 Early Spring on the Downs 130419 DSC09356
Just outside Clapham Village on the way to Patching – An evening saunter.
1800 Looking Down at Steyning 2 220419 DSC09405
Looking down at Steyning a delightful old English Country Town
1800 The Old Rifle Range 2 220419 DSC09409
The Old Rifle Range now a country walk

Tadpoles and Bird Baths

I have been back from the winter warmth and sunshine of Florida for just about 2 weeks. We had a few very warm days here a week or so back and I even mowed the grass, but now it’s descended back to late winter with chilly winds and drizzly rain.  A visit to Brighton’s Rock Gardens yesterday proved well worthwhile. Even though it was overcast, the wildlife was busy multiplying and preening as if in anticipation of the beginning of spring.

I discovered a few extra images of the newly hatched egrets from Gatorland in Florida and rather than edit the previous post they are displayed here together with tadpoles and a chaffinch.

Go to the Image Gallery and Click on any of these images to view a full page enlargement.

1800 Thousands of Tadpoles 080419 DSC04726
A pond crammed full of Tadpoles
1800 Frog below the water 080419 DSC04722
A frog just below the waters surface.
1800 Tadpoles 080419 DSC04728
Tadpoles in the pond at the Rock Gardens


1800 Chaffinch having a bath 080419 DSC04738
A chaffinch having a bath in a small pool by the waterfall.
1800 Chaffinch 080419 DSC04744
Another image of the chaffinch having a cleanup and splash about.
1800 New Chick 220319 DSC04135
Anyone got a comb or a brush!
1800 Welcome Chick 220319 DSC04131
Welcome to the World……….